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    Mary Susan Moore Medical Society

  • Mary Susan Moore Medical Society

    Mary Susan Moore Medical Society

  • Mary Susan Moore Medical Society

    Mary Susan Moore Medical Society

Mary Susan Moore

Mary Susan Moore

Dr. Mary Susan Moore was born 1865 in Chatham County, North Carolina. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine in 1898 from Meharry Medical Department of Central Tennessee College (now Meharry Medical College). Dr. Moore was the first Black female physician to practice medicine in Texas. In 1903, she and her husband, Dr. James D. Moore, opened a forty-bed hospital, Hubbard Sanitarium, in Galveston to serve the health needs of Black people. For four years Dr. Moore and her husband fought opposition from residents and local government. In 1907, the city of Galveston repealed the ordinance prohibiting the operation of Hubbard Sanitarium. Dr. Moore and her husband maintained the hospital until about 1925. Dr. Mary Susan Moore died August 22, 1965.


Upcoming Events

Mixer with the Downtown Group

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00pm
  • Ogun Art & Wine 920
  • Student St. Suite 150 77007

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ACE Workshop

  • February 23-24, 2018 (FRI evening to SAT morning)
  • We want YOU to succeed… attend the upcoming ACE workshop. Guest Speakers: Roshanna Campbell and Malaika Woods, MD, MPH
  • Content we will cover:
    •   Defining the A.C.E. (Authority and Audience, Celebrity, Expertise)
    •   Why establishing ACE is important and how it impacts your bottom line
    •   Malaika Woods, MD, MPH will share how ACE transformed her business. She has made the transition from insurance to cash-based and has been able to exceed her previous salary.
Check back for details regarding location and cost.


Annual Scholarship Luncheon

  • Coming in October 2018
  • The HESS Club
  • 5430 Westheimer Rd 77056
  • Tickets
  • $75 per person 10+ years of age
  • $35 per child 5-9 years of age

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